Système jet d'encre AMICA MORPHO


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Les systèmes d'impression Morpho sont adaptables sur les chaines d'impression, d'emballage et autres

6 modèles différents avec une laize d'impression allant de 108 à 648mm


  • Enveloppes
  • Cartes de visites
  • Impressions de sécurités
  • Etiquettes
  • Tickets
  • Cartes plastiques
  • Loteries
  • adresses
  • numérotages
  • Codages

Détails techniques

Morpho inkjet printing system includes:

  • Data Imaging Board
  • Ink System Controller
  • Print Head Module*
  • Aluminum mounting cross frame (Optional)
  • MagicPage VDP Software/ MagicPRINT PDF Software(Optional)
  • Professional Printer Control Software (PCS Pro)

* Customized versions are available, including different print widths, number of colors, and print resolution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Combination of Morpho and Morpho Color System in One

Data Imaging Board:

  • The Data Imaging Board is installed on PC. It connects to the PC motherboard via PCIe interface.
  • It supports sustained 240M Bytes/ Second from 1 to 8 print heads in grayscale mode.

Ink System Controller:

  • Automatic ink supply system with a large 3 liters ink reservoir
  • Ink Meniscus Pressure Control System with the digital display

Print Head Module The Print head Module is available in 6 models: Morpho 108, Morpho 216, Morpho 324, Morpho 432, Morpho 108D, and Morpho 216

  • Head power management and head temperature controller
  • Intermediate ink tanks with ink level sensor